Let Banta Decide Lifes Tough Decisions

Banta is the only purpose built group messaging App which allows you to track and monitor group chat members activity. Create polls, plan events, let the Randomiser determine who is doing what.


Amazing Features

Group messaging just got a whole lot funner….

Create Polls

Are you after an opinion, or want some advice? Maybe your just keen to know what others are thinking…

Ban Users

The power of being Admin… Sick of group chat members not being engaged or contributing… Ban members for agreed periods.


Cant decide, or dont want to decide? Let the Randomiser make the hard decisions for you. Choose what you want answered.

Create Events

Use Banta to manage your Social Calender… Don’t let your mates rely on excuses any longer.

Group Statistics

Keep your mates accountable! Know who is doing what within each group chat. Filter by Day/Week/Month/Year. and let the facts do the talking.

Rotating Admin

Create a group chat and enjoy Admin rights, and the power that goes with it. You then have to earn the right to remain Admin.

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Let The Banta Begin...